3.5555 as a fraction

What is 3.5555 as a fraction?

Numbers can be represented in a multitude of ways, from decimals, to percentages to fractions. In this article "3.5555 as a fraction", we will demonstrate how you can convert a decimal number to a fraction and soon you’ll be a pro at it, too!

Solution: 3.5555 as a fraction is 7079/1991

Converting 3.5555 to a fraction, Step-by-Step

Solution:3.5555 as a fraction is 7079/1991

Step 1:

The first step to converting 3.5555 to a fraction is to re-write 3.5555 in the form p/q where p and q are both positive integers. To start with, 3.5555 can be written as simply 3.5555/1 to technically be written as a fraction.

Step 2:

Next, we will count the number of fractional digits after the decimal point in 3.5555, which in this case is 4. For however many digits after the decimal point there are, we will multiply the numerator and denominator of 3.5555/1 each by 10 to the power of that many digits. So, in this case, we will multiply the numerator and denominator of 3.5555/1 each by 10000:

35555/10 / 10000/10 = 35555 / 10000

Step 3:

Now the last step is to simplify the fraction (if possible) by finding similar factors and cancelling them out, which leads to the following answer for 3.5555 as a fraction:

7079/1991 / 1

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